It’s only fitting to introduce the author and designer of this Leafing blog in a third person fashion, especially since she’s one of those persons with a lifelong severely deficient autobiographical memory (SDAM). Faith lives and “remembers” her life in a “third person” mode.

Faith is also neurologically atypical. This makes her a unique enigma, along with her many other eccentric quirks. She can learn and recall information as a student would learn from a textbook, without the personal emotional experience that’s commonly connected with it. She could maybe re-experience her past with a vivid sense of personal reliving, but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea for her to go there.

Because of SDAM, Faith’s notes, records, and journal entries are highly meticulous and detailed for accuracy. This is how she has learned to preserve her past with only a third person memory. So, whether you’d call Faith’s details about her life an autobiography or biography depends on how one labels this blog.

Faith began blogging on January 24, 2008, after doing web sites for 6 years. She started with one blog that quickly branched off to becoming almost 20 different blogs, before she finally reversed direction and compacted them down to a dozen.1 Her first domain address was actually, which was bought on February 22, 2002 and redeemed to operate here on April 6, 2020.

For years, was thought to be permanently gone, along with her other original domain name (her actual first and last name as a .com address) that was also deleted. By the grace of God, she got it back! She’s happy to have these domain name options return and is working backwards from how she began blogging originally. Actually, everything in her life happens backwards (a long, but true story!).

1 Only during the first few years were her blogs published to be indexed with search engine listings (all of which now have their internet archive records deleted). Now only a couple of her sites are permitted to show up in internet searches ( is not one of them). All others are restricted to appear solely by their URL address placed directly into the browser’s form, as opposed to a search engine’s form. This is to protect the privacy of individuals named in her personal journaling blogs (which are not listed on this site).

Some of those blogs that now require their URL address placed directly into the browser’s form remain inaccessible to the public (including search engine bots trolling to index sites). Only Faith can enter her other blog sites to see the posts, along with those whom she has provided a temporary password. There is no reason anyone needs to see what’s there. The posted material are tools for Faith’s learning; not for sharing. Faith then takes what she’s learned to use it to help others with the same struggles God blessed her with success to overcome.