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    Fall Falling Fast

    Fall falls fast! Why can’t it last? Now it’s past. But, as they say, “Take a picture. It lasts longer.” So, I did and here they are… Before messing with October’s photographs, I thought it’d be great for the colors of fall to last six months instead of just one month. After taking photos for half a century, it’s obvious to me I have many times more photographs for October than any other month.

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    Walk in October

    Take a walk in October. It smells good and doesn’t look too bad either, right? Normally, I don’t have my service man walking with me. On this day however, I’m blessed to have a carrier. My dog is too little…

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    To God Be the Glory

    So many photos yet offline in spite of many blogs already containing many! Hobbies have a way of swallowing up every last bit of time left, but isn’t that what they’re for when the Holy Spirit wants to use it…

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    Before and After Siding

    Rare is the house that has a lot of history before it receives siding for the first time. This is one of them. It waited 70 years for siding to be completed and the heating system installation 80% near finished.…

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    Spring Shots

    I’m amazed over how well software technicians have developed the “bait and switch” skill! When blogging first started, it was a whole lot more enjoyable than what it has become! Control over how the finished publication will look has diminished…

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    Ice Storm

    Freezing cold weather! Good day to thaw out the freezer. You didn’t think the power would stay on, did you?

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    Gloomy 2021 Winter

    When did it begin getting so gloomy? I think it began before May of 2016. It really got dismal when 2020 started! That’s when the biggest scam got dumped upon the world! Even the weather tries to scream out warnings…

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    Coronavirus To a Recluse

    I forgot to use my new favorite phrase, when I was asked about doing a short video saying “hello” to my church’s congregation during this season of social distancing brought to us by the coronavirus. The phrase is, “Good luck…

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    Faith welcomes you to join her as she is leafing the net! If you’re wondering why she’s not writing this first post in first person mode, the answer is in the introduction. Just like a seed that’s planted without knowing…